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Reel Zinger Sportfishing offers Full & Half Day Fishing Charters for both In-Shore fishing and Off-Shore Fishing of the Carolina Coast. Depending on the charter you have booked and weather, we will take you to the best local fishing spots found over the years. Common fish in this area include Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Bluefish, Flounder, Redfish, Black Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi and Bonita.

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fishing charters wilmington nc

We have a new 2022 custom-rigged 25CC Parker Deep V Centre Console for inshore and off shore Fishing equipped with Twin Yamaha 200’s and a 18′ bay boat. Our tournament-style approach is not for you to be intimidated. We fish light tackle, making even the most difficult gamefish an achievable target for novice anglers. From the moment you call us, your safety, comfort, enjoyment, and satisfaction are our top priorities.

There are many variables involved in sportfishing in the Wilmington NC area. Weather patterns, currents, winds, and other variables are always changing. These variables are taken into consideration while also considering the customer’s preference. Every species of Wilmington is targeted and we are open to requests by customers for specific fish.

Reel Zinger Sportfishing

fishing charters wilmington nc


Fishing Charter Information for Wilmington NC


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Although the definition of “offshore” is dependent upon where you are but it is widely accepted that “offshore” refers to the time the point where you are unable to see the land. The fishing waters off Wilmington’s coast Wilmington North Carolina can be anywhere from 50 to a few hundred feet of depth. Deep-sea fishing can only be done at a depth of 300 feet. Sea creatures of all kinds live in the deepest depths offshore, which is where you can find the best saltwater action!

Fishing offshore is a great option for a variety of species including bottom feeders to the most well-known pelagic predators. Many anglers wish to catch at minimum one bluewater fish and they have good reasons! Fishing offshore is among the most exciting activities to be found that you can do in deep blue. Fishermen can catch any kind of Tuna, Sailfish, and Swordfish along with Amberjack as well as Red Snapper. This allows them to keep memories for a lifetime and fights.

There are many ways to hook fish from offshore dependent on the species you’re looking for and the location you’re fishing in.

Trolling is one of the most popular techniques for fishing offshore. Trolling is a technique of fishing that involves pulling bait from your boat in order to draw fish and predators. The sound of your engine and the wake you generate can serve as large lures for predators. Although trolling techniques can differ between captains to another however, they all function exactly the same way. It is important to have as many lines as are possible on the water and evenly spaced. You’ll have a better likelihood of catching a fish when you have a lot of rod holders, downriggers outriggers or other pieces of equipment. Your success is contingent on the speed at which you trolling your bait is, as well as the location of your line. Trolling is a fantastic method to catch high-quality fish like Mahi Mahi, Billfish, as well as other species that are pelagic.

It’s among the most difficult methods for offshore fishing, yet catching an Tuna upon the Fly will be a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Fly fishing for offshore fish requires practice, patience and experience. You’ll be unable to carry any weights, so make sure to get the longest length of line. Rods that are heavy-duty ought to weigh between 8 and 12 wt. You’re after big fish. To catch large fish, you’ll need a large equipment, which we have. There are numerous methods to lure the fish in your vessel. Certain anglers prefer to fish in the depths, and bring them onto the surface to display their fly flies. Many anglers mix fly fishing and trolling. Trolling is utilized to draw predators in while a bait-and-switch is used to show the fly once the timing is the right. Many species are caught when fly fishing offshore. Bluefin Tuna, to the vibrant Mahi Mahi, Billfish to Billfish.

Deep-sea fishing is actually bottom fishing. An electrical reel will be your most effective piece of equipment for deep drop. Reeling in 800 feet line by hand is difficult to put it mildly! This method is employed to catch in the bottom between 350 to 1200′ deeps. The weight ranges from 3 to 10 pounds or even 15 lbs. The rigs generally contain three to five hooks, and the line should be sturdy. It is best to make use of wire leaders (dozens of yards of wire leader) because bottom-dwelling fish could easily cut off the line. This is the way to catch some of the most coveted fish like Red Snapper and Tilefish, Groupers and a lot other species.

Offshore fishing in Wilmington NC is almost an absolute fact on Earth because 71% of surface of the Earth is covered by oceans. But, several locations have taken advantage of their bluewater resources by constructing solid infrastructures for fishing. It’s a kind of automated machine that will allow you to catch the most enticing offshore fishing as well. Wilmington NC is no exception with a stellar reputation across the East Coast.

Since the beginning of time, sea has attracted many people. If you lose sight of land and all you see is the gorgeous shimmering horizon, you’ll understand why the sea is a magnet for us in. Try it even if you’ve not had the pleasure of fishing off shore.

There’s no doubt there’s a feeling of freedom whenever you set out off to sea early in the early morning. It’s a thrilling feeling to to capture an entirely new species or your personal best. A fishing enthusiast who is offshore can’t be more rewarding than having their tanks filled with gas and their engines operating well, their target identified on their GPS and their tackle in place. The forecast for the weather is looking promising. All you have to do is go out and take your phone off.

Reel Zinger Sportfishing can assist you in catching tuna, billfish and dorado as well in bottom fishing, such as wahoo and many other species that are popular offshore. Reel Zinger offers the latest methods for fishing species that are offshore.

A few people are enthralled by taking on a trip and go “deep-sea fishing” large fish. We understand this deep sea fishing isn’t a good option for everyone. That is why we offer several options, including half-day nearshore trips. Game fish can be seen in the waters of many states of the United States. It’s not a long time to find the fish, however it’s not necessary to travel too far. Reel Zinger Sportfishing provides coverage for all the sought-after species in the offshore, including mackerel, billfish, and snapper.

You don’t have to become a charter captain on the water every day in search of offshore gamer clients. To be honest there are a variety of ways to fish for fish in offshore waters with trolling, drift fishing, and bottom-fishing methods. There is no one who is an expert on each of these methods. There are numerous methods to catch fish and there are a variety. This article will give you details on the most well-known and new methods for catching your most loved species of fish caught offshore.

Half-day trips are available every day between 6:30 am and 12:30 pm. It takes just 15 minutes to get to our fishing spots, from where you begin your fishing adventure. We might wander around for a short time to catch more fish, but every spot is exactly the identical. After fishing for around 4 hours, we go back to the dock to wash and then pack the catch.

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Fishing Charter Information for Wilmington NC



Fishing Charters in Wilmington NC

Engage in a Wilmington fishing charter for an exhilarating adventure and create lasting memories or forge new relationships. Before booking, carefully assess your angling needs and objectives; look for a captain and boat who match these criteria, along with packages they offer that fulfill them.

Find a boat with comfortable seating and amenities that meet the needs of families with young children.

Inshore Fishing

Wilmington offers an abundance of rivers, estuarine waterways, sounds, creeks, inlets and surf fisheries that will challenge even experienced anglers. There are also fishing guides who offer inshore trips in this region that will allow anglers to catch Red and Black Drum, Speckled Trout, Spotted Seatrout and Flounder as popular species.

Book a fishing guide who specializes in shark fishing to take advantage of this time of year when sharks are most prevalent, from March through October, including Bull and Black Tip Sharks. Coast guides know where the best spots for shark fishing are so that you have maximum chances of securing an impressive catch!

Price-wise, an average four-hour shark fishing charter in Wilmington generally costs $522; this figure may fluctuate based on factors like number of participants in your party and boat type chosen; most shark fishing charters can accommodate 4-6 anglers at once.

Wilmington NC offers several family-friendly fishing charter options. Local guides can customize packages that include bait and tackle, snacks, beverages and sunscreen as well as teach basic fishing techniques and provide tips for how to fish locally. Furthermore, they may recommend restaurants where you can enjoy fresh catch of the day!

If you’re seeking an action-packed adventure, Wilmington offers offshore fishing charters to take you deeper waters to target reef fish. There are also guides offering half or full day offshore trips in the area; these trips make great options for novice anglers looking to reel in big game fish like marlin or tuna.

Finding the ideal fishing charter can make or break your vacation experience, providing unforgettable memories and creating lasting experiences. When booking one, take note of factors such as type of fish being targeted, fishing techniques used and season, as well as whether or not it allows catch and release.

Offshore Fishing

If you want the ultimate deep sea fishing experience, booking with an experienced captain is key. Reel Zinger Sportfishing can offer various adventures ranging from stalking the flats for Redfish and Black Drum to trolling the Gulf Stream for Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna; so that no matter your fishing skill level or desired species of fish you’ll be sure to find your perfect adventure.

Reel Zinger Sportfishing often specialize in shallower waters to reduce seasickness for family-friendly adventures – particularly useful if bringing children along or someone in your group has a tendency towards seasickness. This is particularly useful if anyone in your group tends to experience it themselves.

Inshore trips may also be better suited to families with young children or first-time anglers, as these excursions typically last between 6-8 hours instead of the 8+ required by offshore trips. Furthermore, you’ll likely fish back bays and grass flats near beaches where water conditions tend to be calmer compared to offshore destinations.

But you will still be able to catch some of the area’s most prized game fish like Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Striped Bass – plus there may be monster Drums when they migrate through in large numbers in fall!

Reel Zinger Sportfishing of Wilmington provides premier inshore and offshore fishing trips, led by experienced captains such as Captain Bryce Willis. Their team provides exceptional customer service as well as several vessels to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Reel Zinger Charters of Wilmington takes pride in prioritizing client safety, comfort, and enjoyment as their primary goal. This sets them apart from other head boat companies in the area – they’re an owner-operated business so expect only top quality customer service and an enjoyable trip experience!

Half Day Fishing

Wilmington offers several companies that provide short charter fishing trips, such as half day adventures. These more flexible trips allow you to choose when and how often to fish; prices generally cover boat/fuel/equipment/captain services plus fish cleaning (for example Reel Zinger Sprotfishing).

Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington NC waters are home to an abundance of fish species, providing inshore and offshore fishing opportunities suitable for any angler’s needs. Back bays, grass flats and near-shore waters provide popular sportfish species like red drum, flounder and mahi-mahi; rivers, estuarine waters, sounds and creeks can offer light tackle action for species such as Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass.

If you’re in search of excitement, why not give trolling the Gulf Stream a try in search of Bluefin Tuna or Yellowfin Tuna. Both species can be caught using various techniques – you might even try bottom fishing or kite fishing as additional forms of offshore fishing!

Your trip offers plenty of other inshore species to catch, such as tarpon, cobia and black drum. Use both live baits and artificial lures to draw them in; spring and summer is usually the optimal time of year to target these fish.

Wilmington NC offshore charters will take you to some of North Carolina’s most exciting fishing spots. From inshore fisheries for Bluefin Tuna and King Mackerel to trolling outer shell reefs for Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo, an offshore charter in Wilmington will provide an unforgettable fishing experience.

Nautical Mile Charters is a family-owned and operated fishing charter business offering fishing adventures to anglers of all skill levels. Their experienced captains and crew offer half-day to multi-day excursions on the water, along with expert guidance about marine life in their region.

Full Day Fishing

Wilmington offers an assortment of fishing charters. Some focus on inshore species while others specialize in offshore or even fly fishing trips. Wilmington boasts several fishing charters offering inshore services with Red Drum, flounder and trout fishery targets using artificial lures or flies; these trips may also employ trolling, bottom fishing and sight fishing techniques for maximum success.

Inshore fishing can be an enjoyable way to learn new skills while exploring nature. For optimal success, be sure to book your charter early – some companies require a deposit – and read through all terms and conditions prior to booking your trip. Furthermore, avoid bringing spray sunscreen, alcohol, weapons or inappropriate footwear along on your journey and be aware of any dietary restrictions or medical conditions you have that might impact the captain before your adventure begins.

For an immersive fishing experience, consider an offshore fishing charter tour. These trips come in intervals of four, six, or eight hours – although the latter will likely cost more. It will give you more chances to catch fish!

Wilmington waters provide an oasis for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Cobia and Black Sea Bass fishing enthusiasts. Inshore waters such as rivers and coastal waterways boast healthy stocks of Striped Bass that provide ample feeding opportunities.

Reel Zinger Sportfishing in Wilmington offers the ideal charters for all levels of fishermen – from quick afternoon trips to full days offshore fishing trips. Their experienced captains know exactly where the fish are hiding in Wilmington waters, helping you catch as many big ones as possible with trolling, jigging, and popping techniques – their charters include all necessary tackle and bait as well as a cooler to store your catch safely; all in all, your experience with Reel Zinger will remain memorable forever!

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